emco asis. accessory and illuminated mirror cabinet system. 2005

Asis is a system of built-in and surface-mounted products for the bathroom. It comprises modules for illuminated mirror cabinets, sink unit solutions and toilet solutions.
Accessories and function-oriented storage facilities in the bathroom are integrated into the modules and are only visible when required. The modules can, for example, be built into a false wall for plumbing or attached to the wall as a surface-mounted version. The various functions (toilet paper, spare paper, wet wipes box, brush set, utensil boxes, Kleenex box, waste bin, etc.) are made available by pressing the front lightly. The elements disappear when they are not required. Asis thus helps to calm the bathroom visually.
For the first time, functions on the illuminated mirror cabinets can even be accessed if the mirror cabinet is closed (e.g. soap dispenser, Kleenex tissues, etc). The new design of lighting allows soft room light with the doors closed. When the doors are open, the entire functional light is available.