the art of living consists in perceiving the wonderful in everyday life.

We aim to track changes in society and to respond in terms of product design. We try to find simple answers to complex questions. What motivates us is not coming up with quick, off-the-cuff answers to short-lived trends, but working steadily on the essentials, until we achieve the essence of our idea. The results are enduring, timeless products that convey meaning, rather than making superficial promises.

  • Ulli Finkeldey

  • Kai Uetrecht

  • Anja Kosok

we accompany you when ideas become reality.

We have been developing product lines and design strategies in continuous cooperation with leading names in the consumer goods and capital goods industries since 1987. We can offer our customers a comprehensive design service at each stage of product development. Each project we undertake is individual, but our aims are the same in each case: Questioning the status quo. Creating fresh stimuli. Balancing function with cost. Stimulating the senses.

insight and outlook

Corporate branding has become the central theme of our age. A brand needs ideas and vision - and personal communication. Only by means of dialogue and shared experiences can access be gained to the character, personality and identity of a brand.
The products must be an expression of communicative positioning, the competence of companies or products so that the brand can present itself credibly and realistically on the market.

Our performance.
Design management. Trend & market studies. Design strategy. Design conception. Design modelling. Productdesign. Industrial Design. Design development. 2D / 3D representation. Brand conception.