burgbad pli. bathroom collection. 2007

pli is a range of furnishings for the bathroom. It consists of different wash basins, furniture, mirrors and a bath tub. As an abstraction of nature its form is reduced to just one line. This line forms the organic basin. The absolute purity of form can be achieved by an invisibly integrated drain and siphon. This perfection is only possible because of the material mineral cast. pli offers a wide range of forms and sizes of basins, from the sculpture to the asymmetrical solution which seems to grow out of the furniture. The cubic furniture with its elongated, geometric volumes without handles is the passepartout for the organic surfaces.
The collection is completed by vertical and horizontal illuminated mirrors and mirror cabinets. The furniture is available in high glossy lacquer or real wood veneer. The bath tub is a pool which has a special height. This allows to rest very comfortably and to be fully covered with water at any time. The connection to the wall at the tub’s short edge and the integration of tub furniture enables new room structures.
pli is naturalness in its purest form