schyns q 100 intensive. modular medical supply unit. 2005

In intensive medicine latest medical appliances, connected to an absolutely reliable, functional and easy-to-handle supply system are basic conditions for successful and guaranteed life-saving measurements at a patient.
All connections required in a patient room, such as electrical and communication sockets, medical gas outlets as well as general and reading light have been integrated here in a highly flexible modular system. The Q 100 intensive is composed of rectangular supply profiles, fitting equipment rail profiles and lamps. It is available in various configurations and can be individually equipped with medical connection units, consoles and accessory elements. On the perfectly shaped and integrated equipment rail profile the movable carriages offer an optimum flexibility. The luminous band in the front can be equipped with the direct radiating reading / examination lamps which can be moved horizontally infinitely variably. Thus the medical staff can react in a very flexible way when the position of the patient bed changes.
The Q 100 system offers many design possibilities for normal care, too: see Q 100.