schyns q 100. modular medical supply unit. 2005

Q 100 is a construction set of modular elements answering to all supply tasks and offering scope for creativity in room decoration. Its use ranges from light and normal care to nursing homes. The Q 100 offers totally new design possibilities for a homelike ambience. With its reduced form the architect can use it like a tool. It can be flush mounted horizontally or vertically into a wall panelling, be inserted into the wall as a compact and concealed unit, be equipped with a high-quality glass pane - and much more. The lighting unit, also available as solitaire lamps, can be positioned in independence of the supply channels. Thus the supply elements can be where required by the patient.
Compared to and in opposite to the invasion of technical apparatus in a hospital room the Q 100 gives a pleasant visual rest. It is unobtrusive and integrates harmonically into the room – beyond a stylistic adaptation. The bed head unit becomes part of the architecture.
The Q 100 system offers many design possibilities for intensive care, too: see Q 100 intensive.


image 9: Alfried Krupp Krankenhaus, Essen, ward refurbishment; photo: Martin Schmüdderich, Gelsenkirchen