schyns hilton. medical care unit. 2000

Rest is one of the most important factors for the convalescence of a patient. The vertical medical care unit hilton creates the necessary visual comfort. The convex front with the two lateral supporting sections in aluminium is suspended in front of the wall, concealing from direct view the necessary connections for electrical power and communication technology. The result is a generous, restrained overall optical impression which gives the sick-room a cosy atmosphere. The unit's design offers a high measure of functionality. Additional elements can simply be clamped onto the two lateral supporting sections. These include infusion holders, trays for medical monitoring equipment, lights, flower vases, etc. The lights for general, reading and examination illumination are mounted either on a bar running between the support units or directly on the wall. The medical care unit hilton unites the wish of the patient for a cosy surrounding and the flexibility expected from medical devices.