burgbad crono. bathroom furniture line. 2004 / 2014

Sanitary ceramics, shower trays, bath tubs, fittings, accessories, bathroom furniture – all sorts of products and forms of expression come together in a bathroom. A time for paring down, a time for freedom. A time for Crono by Burgbad. Bathroom furniture pared down to the essentials, marrying clear lines with sensuousness. Crono is a passe-partout for the senses.
For people who value individuality and perfection, Crono is an enduring, timeless bathroom furniture line that conveys meaning rather than making superficial promises. From the selection and precision working of the materials to the use of innovative technology and the interplay of surfaces and fittings, everything is attuned to a stable aesthetic value.
As a supplement to the large-area vanities the cubic furniture carcass constitutes the base for sculptured, filigree sit-on basins.
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