domilux visio. lighting system. 1997

Lighting, acoustics and climate control are essential in creating a comfortable atmosphere at work and in function rooms. The functions of many buildings require them to be lit as evenly as possible: corridors, lobbies and offices in office buildings, workshops, airports, conference rooms and events venues all require lighting with minimal variation in brightness. The VISIO tapered ceiling light has been developed specifically for such requirements. As an integral part of the architecture it not only provides light but also improves the acoustics. The soft transitions in brightness together with the evenness of the overall level of illumination create a light, airy impression. This even distribution of brightness similar to daylight also allows the workplace to be arranged as desired, irrespective of light sources.

Architectural applications inter alia:
VTG Center, Hamburg office. Chancellery, Berlin. Haus der deutschen Bauindustrie, Berlin. KKH Zentrum, Hannover. London Stock Exchange
in cooperation with Léon Wohlhage Architektur, Berlin