burgbad yso. bathroom collection. 2015

A bathroom collection, shaped through unification of lightness and softness. Integrated metal bands, which serve as towel holder or holder for accessories dominate as self-contained functional and designed element.
The thin ceramic wash basin is available in rectangular and softly curved shape. The generous basin has a clear design with special appeal coming from three dimensional softness. Precision and small edge of 12 mm in ceramic is only achievable with a special ceramic material. The ceramic is individually measure made and the cut area are glazed all around. The furniture repeats the thin edge of the ceramic. The handle is positioned in the center of the metal bands. The wash basin unit with its curved front offers with the measure made asymmetric deposit area plenty of comfort even in small rooms.
The storage space is easily accessible and meaningful structured. Special furniture like the tall unit with several lateral functions and front mirrored enables room structure.