room for change

Space for fresh food is no longer self-evident in many parts of the world. However, the demand for healthy products is rising with the growth in the world's population. Land around the world's cities is becoming increasingly scarce and precious, coupled with deteriorating conditions. 71% of Earth's surface is covered with water, and many large metropolises are located on the water or are directly connected to it.
The vision is to make healthy food accessible to all. The Floating Food Farm concept envisages growing fresh food in an innovative manner on water all over the world: sustainable, social, close to urban areas. Modular floating structures provide the basis. The structure is scalable, the possibilities endless.
Floating Food Farm is an international cooperation of science, the free market, education and social work. Scientists and students at the University of Wageningen are currently researching framework conditions for food production on water. As co-initiators and designers, we have the task of developing the overall concept holistically, demonstrating the possibilities inherent in it and coordinating the different disciplines in a design thinking process through our strategic and creative approach.


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