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For many years now, we have regularly given interns the opportunity to gain an insight into the profession of product designer, including prospective product design assistants from the Bielefeld-Senne vocational college. Many of them use this as a basis for successful studies, including Christian Tebtmann, who did an internship with us in 2010, has been studying at the University of the Arts Bremen (HfK) since 2011 with a focus on product design and illustration and, as a freelancer, contributes to our efforts with his ideas. The past five years saw an internship abroad in Vienna, involvement in some teaching activities focusing on drawing at the University (HfK) in Bremen, exhibitions, trade fairs, awards and a scholarship. In the coming year, he will leave the "Material & Technology" Master Studio at the University of the Arts with an additional ecological designer certificate.


His bachelor thesis at the University of the Arts, "WoWaBo", addresses the concept of a floating caravan. This design combines the characteristics of a caravan with those of a boat. In addition to the well-known functions of a caravan, the side walls can be opened to obtain a panoramic view and experience and enjoy nature to the full. Simultaneously, the open side walls serve as a deck for relaxation on the water.  On the bank, where conventional caravans have to remain, this idea goes a step further. Whether on land or water, the caravan cuts an attractive figure everywhere. It is a product that appeals to the user on an emotional level through its innovative functionality.

More details on the WoWaBo are available on the following website: