burgbad lavo. bathroom collection. 2007

lavo is a range of furnishings for the bathroom. It consists of wash basins with undercupboards, cabinets, mirrors and mirror cabinets. With its elongated, rounded forms it blends perfectly in the architecture of the classical modernity. The furniture always has a clear orientation, either horizontal as sideboards or vertical as high cabinets. The oval wash basin which seems to float over the cupboard is the central element. The high-quality furniture in semi gloss lacquer or real wood veneer follows the basin’s form in highest precision. The circumferential gap is used as handle. The furniture’s slim proportions also blend perfectly in small rooms and are space-saving.
The basin solutions range from functional (with big surfaces to put things on) to extravagant (the wide double wash basin). lavo is completed by illuminated mirrors with a circumferential light-band and a spacious mirror cabinet with rotatable illuminated mirror elements at both ends.
lavo gives the bathroom a calm and homelike ambience.