schyns s 400. medical supply unit. 2003

Minimally invasive medicine endeavours to keep to a minimum the strain on the patient by means of limited access operations. With the S 400, this idea has been conveyed to the hospital room: a care unit as unobtrusive as possible with a clear design and the front made entirely of translucent plastic. It is a horizon over which the sun rises as soon as the light is switched on. The pleasant visual comfort of the
S 400 contrasts greatly with the invasion of equipment in the sick-room – all with maximum functionality for both staff and patients. All the electrical and communication connections, medical gas supply points and general and reading illumination necessary in the hospital room are integrated in a highly flexible modular system. The front lighting strip is equipped with reading lamps. They can be shifted horizontally almost at will so that different configurations in the room can be catered for, for instance when moving the bedside table from the left to the right, should patients have limited mobility on one side.
in cooperation with t. ackermann und e.stürmer