tece loop. wc and urinal actuator. 2007

The timeless interpretation of the pure and clear. TECEloop is a modular system of actuators for the WC and urinal. It is reduced to a minimum in its appearance as well as in its dimensions.
The product’s core is its modularity which allows harmonic integration into the bathroom environment: the basic version in plastic (white, chrome etc.) is built onto the wall in the traditional way, but it is particularly flat. A higher-quality version has a front panel made from white, green or black glass with flush buttons. This type can be mounted on the wall or integrated into the wall totally flush. This planarity of the wall surface with the actuator’s front panel and buttons is an innovation, and a unique selling point on the market. It supports the trend to logically integrate functions into architectural structure.
TECEloop unites a clear, timeless form in distinctive precision with high material aesthetics and self-explanatory operation. It does not dominate the bathroom’s architecture but integrates itself discreetly and smoothly.